Published on 2023-07-27


Mission of division: Within the framework of the 1st objective of the operational strategy, this unit organizes the introduction of safety management, issues certificates, certifies the main professional personnel of civil aviation, supervises the implementation of the safety system of certified organizations, and ensures the safety of aviation by organizations engaged in civil aviation operations. carry out professional supervision and regulation aimed at the availability.
Regulatory framework: Chicago Convention on International civil aviation, ICAO standards and recommended practices, Mongolian Civil Aviation Law and other associated law, Mongolian civil aviation rules, DG safety orders, manuals and procedures.
Operation: According to Civil Aviation Law of Mongolia, regulatory functions such as the surveillance and oversight for the operation of civil aviation activities implemented by the Aviation Safety Oversight  and Regulations Department (ASORD) of the MCAA. The Department is headed by the Deputy Director General of MCAA and Aviation Safety Oversight and Regulation Department.

  • Air carrier certification,
  • suspension, extension, cancellation of certificates,
  • constant monitoring of flight operations,
  • safety precautions
  • developing and submitting recommendations and requirements,
  • regular monitoring during preparation and flight of special and special missions,
  • registration of civil aircraft in the state registry, issuance of certificates, renewal, deregistration,
  • issuing, extending, suspending or revoking airworthiness certificates for aircraft,
  • prolonging the service life of the aircraft and its components, verifying operating procedures, instructions, and technological documents
  • aviation service organizations such as aerodromes, aviation security services, air traffic services, air navigation technical organization services, air traffic services, aviation meteorological services, aviation services, aircraft fuel supply, technical services, design organizations, manufacturing organizations, cargo confirmation, appropriate extension, suspension, cancellation of other organizations of transport brokerage, civil aviation training and services,
  • review and confirm the curriculum,
  • assigning degrees to professional license holders,
  • ensuring the implementation of standards, rules and regulations related to the issuance of health certificates,
  • to control the activity of establishing theoretical and professional skills related to the degree issued by the professional license,
  • exercise the functions of making opinions on the appointment and change of accredited examiners and accredited organizations.

Organizational structure of the office: 8.7 of the Law of Mongolia on Civil Aviation is the aviation safety control and regulation office. According to the article, “The supervision of civil aviation activities will be carried out independently by the Aviation Safety Control and Regulation Department of the state administrative organization in charge of civil aviation, and the head of the department is the State Inspector General.” It includes:

  • Control of standard flight operations,
  • Airworthiness control,
  • Aerodrome, air navigation control,
  • There is a structure to implement functions such as evaluation and certification control. Currently, there are 34 inspectors in operation.
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